WELDERS & MORE management is a team of international recruiters & suppliers of craftsmen for the mechanical construction industry. Our team members have been in this business for more than 25 years. Our manpower includes construction Superintendents, General Foremen, Foremen, QA/QC Managers, QC Technicians and much more. Welders & More offers a full range of services from shop fabrication to installation of pipes & start up.

Competent and Committed

Our craftsmen are committed to getting the job done right in the most efficient way possible. We employ workers who have expert knowledge, at least 3 years of experience, have the ability to read designs from diagrams & blueprints, have manual dexterity and have the ability to operate power tools.

Our Priority

  • Client satisfaction
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Productivity
  • Employee development
  • Environmental safety
Client satisfaction
Employee development
Environmental safety

Success through Consistency

Today the world is reeling under labor shortage and more so in an industry where not just a workman is required but the skills of the workman can make or break a company’s timeline, hence playing havoc with production and directly impacting the performance. With the aim of serving petrochemical, refining, oil & gas, chemical, power and utility industries, Welders and More Inc. has been providing committed and skilled craftsmen to these industries. Our packages include providing the following services and supplies:

  1. Turnaround contractors Houston
  2. Turnaround welder fitter service Houston
  3. Welding supplies Houston
  4. Welding supplies Stafford Texas
  5. Industrial supplies Houston

Our Commitment

  • Best craftsmen for best services: We take pride in the skills of our craftsmen who are fully equipped to handle all types of works and committed to provide best services to the clients.
  • Knowledge and professionalism: While choosing our craftsmen, we ensure that they have complete knowledge of their craft and have the ability to deliver with ethics and professionalism. With professional Welding supplies Houston and maintaining high standards have enabled us to be on the top.
  • Quick response time: Ensuring quick response and redressal of problems is not just a priority but a compulsion with us as we know what the loss of time can do to production facilities.
  • No project is too big, or too small: All projects whether big or small get equal attention from us. The commitment to perform well is inculcated in each of our craftsmen and all of us take pride in giving our best.

Our Objectives

  • Client satisfaction: We believe that a satisfied client is the biggest asset a company can have, therefore we aim to satisfy all our clients and they are our number one priority.
  • Safety: Following all norms of safety are not just a requirement but a compulsion for us.
  • Quality: Setting and achieving the highest standards of quality has helped us develop a proven track record.
  • Productivity: The skills and inherent will to excel makes each of our craftsmen ensure giving their full potential for maximum productivity.
  • Employee development: Our employees are our strength and as a team we have comprehensive employees development programs that keep each of our members updated to perform better.
  • Environmental safety: We are aware of our environmental responsibility; hence we design and implement all our projects in confirmation with the rules of environmental safety.