About Welders & More

Welders & More steadfastly recruits and retains the best craftspeople available. This dedication to our employees helps us keep our promise to our clients so we can continue to give them (our clients) the safest, highest quality and most productive services possible. We work on planned turnarounds/ projects and those unplanned emergencies too. Our services are in demand because it’s our people that make the difference!

If you are looking to hire, Welders & More can help. We provide qualified candidates to fill your specific needs. We assign experienced representatives to your account who understands the needs and complexities of your specific industry. We work with your on-site supervisors and human resource departments to rapidly identify your requirements. Welders & More will mobilize our international recruiting infrastructure to match qualified candidates to your individual mission. Once qualified employees are on the job, we continue to work with your staff insuring that your employee stay productive and offer the highest degree of job satisfaction.

Our Mission

Fulfilling our mission, Welders & More has been dedicated to gaining the construction industrial knowledge that allows us to match the right job seeker with the correct skill sets to exceed our client’s requirements. Across the industry, our dedicated specialists are continually focusing on providing complete employee services, turnkey solutions, and flexible leased labor services providing employees grounded in safety, and focused on providing quality services to each client everyday.

We believe an accident free workplace is essential for continued success. We must develop and adhere to the highest level of safety, compliance and performance. “Zero Incidents” is the only acceptable goal.

As a service business, the company’s reputation is critical ti its continued growth and success. Accordingly, we must strive to build and maintain a sterling reputation, for not only quality, value and safety, but also for honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Finally, we believe that this Mission Statement is a practical and functional document. It is essential that the company’s operations be conducted in accordance with the principals and ideals contained herein.

Our Commitment To

  • Zero Accident
  • Positive attitude
  • Constructive mind
  • Quality Observation